Student testimonials

  • "Mrs. Lisa is the most patient person I have ever known." Bernadette H.-PIANO-IN STUDIO
  • -"Lisa teaches my 7 year old daughter the Piano and the Ukulele. We LOVE the live, online lessons. It is very convenient from the comfort of our home. My daughter adores Lisa. She looks forward to their time together. It's amazing to see my daughter improve and become more confident as each week passes. I highly recommend Lisa as a music instructor." Mandy B.-PIANO/UKULELE-IN STUDIO/ONLINE
  •  "I can provide testimony for the online lessons.---They are effective. My daughter is learning from 100's of miles away from Lisa Abrams."    Beth P.- PIANO/VOICE - IN STUDIO/ONLINE
  • "I have learned more from Lisa in 2 lessons than I have in all the years I have studied voice! And I have a degree in Vocal Performance."  Jennifer A. -VOICE - IN STUDIO
  • "Now I understand why Mrs. Lisa made me spend so much time in Theory.  I would never have been able to make it through my Freshman Year as a Music Major without all of her help throughout the years."  Wendy G.- VOICE/PIANO- IN STUDIO
  • "Lisa is the very first person I have ever played music with.  She was so patient and kind and really helped me to accomplish something that I have always wanted to do! Playing in front of others has been a huge struggle for me all of my life. I can't thank her enough for helping me to jump over that hurdle!!" Mary S.-GUITAR-IN STUDIO
  • "I have never had a question about something in any area of Music that Mrs Abrams wasn't able to answer in a clear and concise, matter of fact way." Danielle S.-VOICE/PIANO - IN STUDIO
  •  "Lisa is an outsatnding voice instructor. She not only teaches you how to sing, she teaches every aspect of music. She's also a wonderful Choir Director. She can play several instruments and has a beautiful voice. She's great!!!!!!!" Shirley B.-VOICE - IN STUDIO 
  • "Lisa Abrams is a really great music instructor. She took the time to help me learn several different things in music, which really helped me out in getting roles in my High School musicals.  Also, she is really nice and took the time to answer any questions that I had," Douglas C.- VOICE - IN STUDIO
  • "Good Lesson!" Sean P.- TRUMPET- ONLINE
  • "Lisa is a multi-talented musician. She has been gifted with voice as well as the understanding to play music.  It was an honor to be in the Mt, Pleasant Choir and be led by her.  She shows compassion and patience and her love for music is contagious. She is a Blessing to everyone she teaches."   Madonna Z. -VOICE- IN STUDIO
  • "Lisa is a lovely person and a consummate musician. Her vocal skills and guitar technique are flawless, and her gift and craftmanship for songwriting is world-class. Having since gone on to a very promising and exciting career in the music industry, I look back on my days learning from and sharing the stage with Lisa with both fondness and an appreciation for how much they improved my own musicianship." Gordon N. -MUSIC PERFORMANCE-IN STUDIO
  • "I have been taking lessons with Lisa for about six years. She really takes the time to make sure you understand what you are learning. She has helped me really understand the instrument I am learning and is overall a great teacher." Brianna P. - GUITAR/PIANO-IN STUDIO/ONLINE
  • "Lisa is a very talented musician with both instrumental and voice ability. She is passionate about her music and those who are singing or playing catch that passion from her. Definitely an excellent teacher.  We were sorry to lose her when she left!" Diane L. - VOICE- IN STUDIO
  • "Lisa is a gifted musician and my daughter really enjoyed her voice lessons with her!" Amy H. - VOICE- IN STUDIO
  • "Lisa made a big difference in my daughter's vocal abilities. She worked around my daughter's disabilities and gave her confidence on stage. I would definitely recommend her." Nancy S. -VOICE- IN STUDIO
  • "I love Lisa! She taught me guitar lessons for 2 years, about 6 months of that time via internet and was very patient with my complete lack of musical knowledge. I still enjoy playing thanks to her!" Judi H.- IN STUDIO/ONLINE
  • "At 57 yrs old, I decided to pursue singing instruction. Lisa Abram was the perfect choice. She helped me recognize bad habits and simple, but very impactive, techniques that improved my voice. I now have more confidence and and able to practice correctly. Also, I am fulfilling my desire to sing in church and around campfires with friends!!" Laine F.-IN-STUDIO